Like any scientific and political work serving the present and future of our home, also the Institut Europe of Market economies (IEM) lives of visibility and public awareness, of approval & critics .
It also needs the active support of those, who feel in tune with our visions and ideas and want to contribute to put into practice the intended goals and scientific research.

Follow the founders and members of the board of trustees. Members of this friends circle may be persons and corporates. Students and young professionals until the age of 30 Y and eldery persons above 70 Y get a 50% fee reduction.

We would greatly appreciate your registration as member of the friends circle or your cooperation in any form. You would not only be member of our communication and network, but you could get free access to events, network, group meetings and publications.

corporate Members and co-operations

Corporate memberships and all forms of cooperation will be agreed individually. Registrations as members or requests for all forms of cooperation are welcomed at any time by the PR board member of IEM. 

BECome a member

MINIMUM Annual membership fees

The minimum fee is 100 €/a,  for young members until 30 Y & elderly over 70 Y is 50€/a.The fee may be charged, paid or invoiced in the First Quarter of the year, new members after 30th November only pay for next year.  

Account: IBAN DE39700100800701900802, BIC PBNKDEFF

IEM e.V. is acknowledged as charitable organisation by Munich tax office, tax nr. 143/217/25318